Monday, 18 June 2012 Apps Online is a leading website which is famous as "Drug Information Online". Web users can visit the portal for general and useful information about the medicines online through its Drugs A-Z, Interaction checker, Pill Identifier, Health Professionals, News, Mednotes, Community and Apps.

Drugs dot com is offering Android and iPhone apps to its smartphone users, which are paid as well as free. Users can download the Free Drugs apps known as Personal Medical Record while other paid online apps include Pill Reminder, Pill Identifier Premium and Lite, Drug Reference for Consumers and Professionals.

Online users can also visit the iTune store / Apple App store for purchasing these apps or

Those users who are interested in finding the useful info about the medicines or diseases may browse through the website.

Drug Information Online Portal also offer a long list of featured services like Patient Care Notes, Generic Drugs, OTC Database, Drug List, Video Center, Mobile Apps, Popular Articles, Health Guide, Veterinary Drugs, Symptom Checker, Medical Dictionary, Clinical Trial Results, FDA Consumer Updates, Pill Identifier, Medication Record, Pregnancy Warning, FDA Alerts, Drug Dosage, Interaction checkers etc.

Users can login or sign up for the website for regular updates.

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